18. November 2005 The Arcanelife Award Program of Stephen Saunders was listed in the level 3 yesterday. In the field of handing over of the seals we reaped only scornful laughters because of the classification. Although its program allocates Awards only for short time, the Awardgrafik isn't a highlight, this already high classification was chosen by the jury because of the very good graphic design and exhaustiveness of the program. Too bad about the expended time and work.
11. Oktober 2005 Elke has joined us as Evaluator about which I am very pleased. In design questions has himself me already once in a while supports and a decision transports.
28. August 2005 A seal was deleted in the level 5. The fractal star award has informed me that the program was closed. The seal of the Speedy Advert Award Program was deleted in the level 4. The program is no longer online.
28. Juli 2005 The seal graphic was modified easily and a corresponding badge in the common measures of 150 x 50 pxl. added. It is up to every seal owner, which of the two possibilities he exhibits at his side.
10. Juli 2005 3 seals were deleted in the level 3. The sides "The seal of Patriotism Award Program" and "bandit web Awards" doesn't exist any more. Some pages were written up why they don't exhibit the seal allocated months ago.
12. Juni 2005 The seal was withdrawn from the web star Award in the level 2 since this program doesn't allocate any Awards, you didn't close, however, either already since long.
08. Mai 2005 We support the indices Discus Award index, Olypmp-Award index and the Stargazer index.
25. August 2004 Bernd has left us as Evaluator. For this we can welcome Giesela as new Evaluatorin.
18. Juli 2004 The English version of the PAI goes to the start.
15. März 2004 The PAI is a member of the Coe 2004 Global, and supports the thought with that of passing on and getting the code of ethic now, too.
11. März 2004 We can welcome Eva as new Evaluatorin in our rows.
04. März 2004 Helga as Evaluatorin has left the PAI. We are on the search for new comrade-in-armses now and carry on in a twosome once.
09. Januar 2004 Small changes on different sides, alt-tags etc. inserts of.
27. Dezember 2003 The criteria were modified easily. Award bestowal which allocate only an Award for a topic are checked as of now, too.
22. November 2003 In the category's actions the link to the forum The board was put. Here one learns the latest from the Awardszene and there are good and honest discussions.
25. Juli 2003 The statistics area was modified.
24. Juni 2003 I didn't have access to my FTP server thanks to DSL entrance almost a month.
15. Mai 2003 We can welcome Helga as new Evaluatorin in our rows.
01. April 2003 Today the Palion-Award index online goes and is announced. I wish us all a lot of fun and a good cooperation.